Design image Design

We didn't like the design of the site. The website is too cluttered, the main picture is too big and we didn’t like the user-flow of the website. It didn't occur to us that they have services on multiple social media platforms only due to the rubbish layout of the header. Some of's buttons don't redirect you anywhere, it's just broken links. We would recommend them to immediately re-design their website and create a cleaner, more inviting design of their site. By doing so, it will be much more understandable and convenient for their potential users to understand what goes on the site and eventually it will surely increase conversion rates and sales. 

SocialStore front page

Price image Price

This supplier's prices are varied, but we were surprised to see that the prices of YouTube subscribers are much more expensive than those of other competitors in the market. For a small number of subscribers they ask for a very high price, and I was surprised by that. The price of YouTube views is decent, but they allow to purchase only 10,000 views or more – which is a shame because they are forcing users to order more than what they really need for their video. A minimum package of 10,000 views is high on any standard, and this is the only site we reviewed that set such a high entry limits. 

Payment Options & Refund Policy image Payment Options & Refund Policy

We can't say that their payment options are varied and cater to everyone's preferences and needs. offers PayPal, Visa or Mastercard as their only payment options. Also, their payment flow isn't convenient and it is confusing on most parts of the buying process.

They also don't mention anything about refund policies, so we assume they don't have any, which is also a shame because most other companies do offer refunds, even partial. 

Delivery Speed image Delivery Speed

The delivery speed is too fast. I ordered a big amount of YouTube views (30,000) and I got all the views in one day. It seems too quick and that is why they probably don't use real users… My other orders arrived at the time that they mentioned to me and there were not too many drops.

Drops image Drops

I had drops only with my views. I think it's because provided me with the order of all 30,000 views in one day. It was clear to me that the views are not real and I was very disappointed, it definitely did not fulfill my expectations. I contacted them during the drops and although they refilled the order several times, I would not recommend ordering from them YouTube views.

Support image Support

Because I got the views very quickly and there were some drops, I had to contact the support team. The 'Contact' page is nice and clean and quite easy to understand and use. As for the support itself, they were nice and they refilled my order but I would expect the quality of the service to be higher. Niceness is good, but it's not enough.

SocialStore support center

Services Description image Services Description

There is no page with questions and answers about the services . You can only contact their support team on the contact page and hope for a quick response. There is almost no detail on the site about how the service is working, what the average delivery time is and a lot of buttons are not working. They must add information about their service (FAQs) and fix the buttons! 

Summary & Final Score image Summary & Final Score

The final score we gave is 60. The site is not very user-friendly, the design is full of background images that make it impossible to read what is actually written on the site. There is no page explaining the services on the site and payment options are limited. It looks like a webpage that came up quickly and without much thought or effort. The site's support team is the best thing about it, but the quality of their services is not high. 

Also, can we please address the fact that their domain doesn't even mention the company's name? When typing "Social Store" in Google's search bar, you don't even get this website in the search results!

Bottom line is, the things I mentioned must be improved to become 80.