Design image Design

Our review started as soon as we entered the site - it took around 5-6 seconds for the website to load (which is slow). The website design is not user-friendly whatsoever -it's hard to understand where is everything located which makes it hard to order. Also, you are obligated to register to the site if you wish to place an order; you can't just do it directly from the main page, which is quite irritating and uncomfortable. Another thing that we found as problematic was the lack of informative content. We had to contact the support team when we wanted to learn more about how's services work. We were also really disappointed by the fact that the website is NOT mobile responsive, which is embarrassing and extremely unprofessional considering most people go on the internet on their smartphones nowadays. 

Price image Price

Compared to its competitors, this supplier's general pricing strategy is using a low price tag at an affordable cost. The prices offered on their main homepage, and the prices displayed inside the user panel are matching and cheap. However, because it was drastically low, industry-wise, it raised our suspicion that the service quality might be low. We will get back to it at a later stage. 

Pricing chart

Payment Options & Refund Policy image Payment Options & Refund Policy

It was weird to find out that no credit card option was available for the wider public and you can pay with Paypal and Bitcoin only. You can deposit funds to your account which is quite convenient for multiple purchases. In this case, as well, customers can deposit funds using PayPal and Bitcoin only. 

Regarding their refund policy - it is mentioned on the website that order cancellations and refunds will be valid only in cases when the order hasn't started yet, yet there was not a single word written about a completed transaction and dully delivered order with issues or problems. 

Payment FAQ

Delivery Speed image Delivery Speed

All the services we have purchased on this platform were delivered too fast in our opinion. It doesn't make sense to have 2,000 viewers reaching our video within a single hour, not to mention the 100 likes that suddenly appeared in our video out of the blue. No doubt, this is not the natural and legitimate growth you should expect or want for your videos. 

Drops image Drops

Unfortunately, drops were not late to come, and it occurred on both of our likes and views orders: The views dropped by 27% after a couple of hours only, while 30 likes were dropped and disappeared from our video after about 24 hours. It might be frustrating for any YouTuber to find out that his expensive advertising investment vanished into thin air.

Support image Support

As part of our review, contacting their support team seemed like a thing we must have done because of the lack of information on their website. It took around 18 hours to receive an answer from their team, but when they eventually replied, their response was professional, detailed and answered all of our questions to the fullest. What we didn't like was that fact that we have begun receiving a newsletter on a weekly basis directly to our email box shortly after we contacted them. Rest assured that we've never subscribed to's newsletter.

Services Description image Services Description

Long story short - the services description were in most parts very misleading since all of the services we tried eventually dropped, while on their website it clearly said non-dropped. Moreover, the 2,000 slow views package wasn't as slow as described, since all the views were received within 1 hour since our order placed. The likes service performed utterly different (in a bad way) than promised on their website description. To sum it up, when buying any Youtube promotion from the brand, remember that you can never know what kind of quality you might get at the end of the day.  

Summary & Final Score image Summary & Final Score

We decided to give a final score of 50/100. 

The site is inferior looking as if not a single thought was given about the end user that needs to visit and interact with the website and platform. We also found quite a few typos which indicate a lack of professionalism in our opinion (it's "through," not "thru"!) 

The support team, besides the elaborated and on point response, didn't respond fast enough, and we received no refill (for the views and likes orders that dropped) until we filed a ticket with PayPal. You can't use a credit card which is quite uncomfortable and paying via bitcoin didn't work for us (we tried several times). 

The "real views" package was provided using bots most likely, which as expected, dropped relatively fast. Even worse, they did not fulfill their refund promises until we've had to ask PayPal for help. 

Reviewing this vendor made us assume that their team has minimum control over the provided services, and you need to be ready for surprises when working with them.