Design image Design

We went with very high expectations to, and unfortunately, we were very disappointed soon after. The site looks nice at first, but when you look a little closer, it becomes increasingly harder to navigate the site and figure out where the services are located at and what they actually are, so that was very inconvenient.
The site is one big cluster, with colorful cheap looking logos that scream out 'fraud' and a big moto banner saying "#1 Marketplace for Growth Hackers", which is just weird.

Price image Price

The prices are sure fitting for a service that prides in using 'real people' for their promotional services and is much higher priced than their competitors. Just for comparison, a relatively high priced YouTube views service (most popular service these days), is about $6-7 for 1000 views, and this seller priced them at $25 per 1000 views! That's insane!
Same for their other YouTube and Instagram services, so they better be worth it. Another major setback is the fact you can't order small promotional packages (for small growing channels and videos).
The high pricing is intimidating and not very compatible with the average pricing rates for these promotional services, and unfortunately, high pricing doesn't necessarily mean top notch service. 

Pricing for a few YouTube Services

Payment Options & Refund Policy image Payment Options & Refund Policy

It was quite disappointing to discover that the only payment method available on the site is PayPal. Not that there is anything wrong with PayPal, it is a very secure way to shop online, but a lot of internet users are using other payment methods such as Bitcoin, credit cards, debit, stripe and etc. And, they have no payment option available on site. 

Delivery Speed image Delivery Speed

Delivery time was long. Too long.
Although long and gradual delivery is usually very much appreciated, in this seller's case, it took way too long to deliver and a lot of the services added dropped and rose as the order was progressing. We tried out the smallest packages on site, and they were delivered in the course of a few weeks. Needless to say that this kind of service, in this price range, long time frame and in small velocity is quite unnecessary since it is virtually unnoticeable.
Not a very recommended service for those who need a fast and easy boost to their channel\video or IG posts\page. 

Drops image Drops

Most drops occured during the delivery of the services ordered, and a little after the orders were delivered.
We must say that most drops after delivery were minor except for the YouTube views. The views service dropped in about 40% after a week of delivery. So, we guess those real users weren't so real after all. 

Support image Support

Another major disappointment is our unanswered tickets. We sent a few of them and got only one response to our general inquiry questions. None of our drop issues tickets were referred to as well.
Not only that, when sending a message on the 'contact me' form on site, you can't know if your message was actually sent or not, since they have no notification about its' status. 

Services Description image Services Description

Unfortunately, for the highest priced services that pride in being the best in business and very well known, they flopped, dramatically.
For years was known as the place to go to when you need help in the YouTube industry, but no more. The service was slow, very low quality, there were many drops, almost zero responsiveness and an overall feel of cluster and disrespect. Their services dropped just like the low-cost ones that don't even bother calling their subscribers real since they know they aren't.
One good thing that is definitely worth mentioning is their huge variety of services. They grasp every promotional service in the social media online marketing world. Hopefully, their other services are better than the YouTube and Instagram ones. 

Summary & Final Score image Summary & Final Score

A final score of 40/100.
Although they are reaching out to almost all branches of social media, online marketing platforms and retails, their services, well, didn't deliver.
The site navigation is not an easy one, the prices are extremely high compared to other services, the services drop, nor refills or refunds are given after multiple tickets and the responsiveness is very low.
Based on these parameters, can't really claim to be the best service out there, on the contrary.
However, except for the views service, the other ordered services (IG followers, YT subscribers, and likes) didn't drop dramatically after delivery, only during delivery which made delivery extremely long and not that beneficial or efficient.