Like many startups and companies around the globe, the idea behind has started with a simple need – finding honest reviews about different kinds of online brands (web services, social media marketing, online marketing brands and more).

Because of the huge differences between the offline marketing to the online world, finding honest and legitimate reviews became a real struggle for today’s shopper and buyers. Why? Because of the internet nature, where manipulated reviews and fake news can be spread around the web and published with a few clicks only. As an internet consumers, it makes our life much harder, making the review process of each one of us to a real headache.

This is where coming to your assistance – we have developed a unique analytical approach, making sure our review process is one of a kind, comprehensive and thorough:

  • Each order is being made anonymously to ensure our account does not get any kind special treatment or attention.

  • We try all available services of each brand we’re reviewing in order to better evaluate its effectiveness.

  • Comparing the actual results, data and performances delivered with the product description. Eventually, we provides an internal accuracy score for each ordered service.

  • In case the results are ambiguous or unclear, we repeat the whole reviewing process again.

  • Contacting the brand support team and asking complicated questions related to their provided services, to evaluate their professionalism, knowledge, response time and their willingness to help.

  • Allowing users to participate by individually voting brands. Each vote is being taken into consideration in our general valuation score.